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Ukrainian films programme

In solidarity with Ukrainian filmmakers, l’Institut français offers a program of 6 contemporaries Ukrainian films intended for free screenings, internationally, for 2023 and 2024. The films on offer illustrate the vitality of the Ukrainian film industry for the past ten years, with an increasingly noticeable presence in foreign festivals (Cannes, Berlin, etc.). The selection voluntarily emphasizes the particularly dynamic Ukrainian documentary scene.


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Female filmmakers: A new generation

Even though the position of women in the film industry has evolved over the past years favoring equality, especially in France, much work is left to be done. The Institut français presents a selection of first and second films directed by French and African women in order to make room for their views on our society. A collection of films to challenge misconceptions, prejudices and to support the artistic legitimacy of a new generation.


Young audience

Because young people are the audience of tomorrow, the French Institute has placed cinema education at the centre of its programming approach. Discover an offer of films partly accompanied by educational kits.



Un autre Truffaut, mais toujours extraordinaire.

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