Asterix and Obelix, Mission Cleopatra

Astérix et Obélix : Mission Cléopâtre
by Alain Chabat20021h47FictionComedy, Literary adaptation
with Gérard Depardieu, Djamel Debouze, Christian Clavier, Bellucci Monica, Pierre Tchernia, Jean-Pierre Bacri
2 formatsFrench3 subtitles languages

It's back in 52 BC. That's right, BC. Although Gaul isn’t totally overrun, Cleopatra’s Egypt is under the yoke of the Roman Empire. What’s worse is that Cleopatra, that dame with the big nose, has had the good sense to chose Caesar for her boyfriend. Caesar is the Emperor of the Greatest of All Peoples. Or so he says.

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  • running time
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  • distributor
  • producers
    Berri claude, Thomas Langmann
  • original work authors
    René Goscinny, Albert Uderzo
  • song writers
    Philippe Chany
  • set decoration
    Thanh At Hoang

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