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Women, Film Pioneers From Alice Guy to Agnès Varda : the first cinema inventors

From the very beginning of cinema, women have been writing, directing and producing films. From documentary to fiction, from short to full-length, they have invented forms and narratives; their artistic legitimacy is undeniable, their contribution to cinema is immense. They are, however, the great forgotten ones in the history of the 7th art; The French Institute has brought together in this programme the most outstanding works of six French pioneers, offering them international recognition.


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Education par l'image

Because young people are the audience of tomorrow, the French Institute has placed image education at the centre of its programming approach. Here is an offer of films accompanied by educational dossiers designed in partnership with the CNC


Great French classics

Rediscover great French classics in restored versions! From the 20s to the 70s, travel through the history of French cinema through genres, periods, and great mythical figures: Jean Renoir, Robert Bresson, Marcel Carné, Jacques Tati, Arletty, Simone Signoret, Jean Gabin...





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