Cinémathèque Afrique

Our Cinémathèque Afrique catalogue contains over 1,700 films from the beginning of African cinema to the present, more than 600 of which are rights-free for non-commercial use. Revered cinema classics by directors such as Sembene Ousmane, Souleymane Cissé, Idrissa Ouédraogo and Moustapha Alassane rub shoulders with Yennenga Stallion Fespaco Grand Prix winners and recent productions by young film-makers, including the Ghanaian comedy "Keteke" by Peter Sedufia, the creative documentary "Fi rassi rond-point" (aka "Dans ma tête un rond-point" and "Roundabout in my Head") by Hassen Ferhani, and Wanuri Kahiu's romantic drama film "Rafiki".

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1718 films in the catalogue
  • 2019
  • Ghana, Belgium
  • 20min
  • available soon

Da Yie

by Anthony Nti
  • Drama
  • 2019
  • Egypt
  • 23min
  • available soon

Henet Ward

by Morad Mostafa
20 / 1718

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