Les Goûts et les couleurs

by Michel Leclerc20221h50FictionComedy
with Félix Moati, Rebecca Marder, Judith Chemla, Philippe Rebbot
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Marcia, a passionate young singer, is recording an album with her idol Daredjane, a rock icon of the 1970s, who suddenly disappears. To release their album she must convince Daredjane’s heir, Anthony, a small-town market vendor who has never liked his distant relative, let alone his music. Their two worlds clash between good and bad taste, popular and chic, sincerity and lies. Unless love happens, of course…

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  • nationality
  • running time
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  • colour
  • director of photography
    Pierre Dejon
  • distributor
  • producers
    Isabelle Grellat
  • editing
    Margot Testemale, Annette Dutertre

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