A l'abordage
by Guillaume Brac20201h35FictionComedy
with Salif Cissé, Éric Nantchouang, Edouard Sulpice, Asma Messaoudene
2 formatsFrench15 subtitles languages

On a hot summer night in Paris, Félix meets a young woman, Alma, and falls in love. The next morning, Alma hops on a train to join her family in southern France. Félix, determined to follow his soulmate, embarks on a carpool ride with his best friend Chérif and their reluctant driver Edouard. When the car breaks down upon arrival, things turn sour: Alma doesn’t seem too pleased by this unexpected visit.reality?

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Holiday Film

A great holiday film where the main character Félix falls in love with Alma at a party and then decides to on a whim follow his new found love on holiday without telling her! Félix and his friend Chérif arrange a ride with the unexpecting Édouard who ends up stuck on a camping holiday with them. As the film evolves they relax outside their normal environment and the adventures and fun unfold. Don't expect a regular ending either! A light-hearted and fun film.

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