Fear City: A Family-Style Comedy

La Cité de la peur, une comédie familiale
by Alain Berberian19931h39FictionComedy, Thriller
with Chantal Lauby, Alain Chabat, Dominique Farrugia, Gérard Darmon, Jean-Pierre Bacri, Valérie Lemercier
2 formatsFrench6 subtitles languages

Cannes, the Film Festival, the present day. Odile Deray, a small time public relations executive, has her work cut out for her... getting her film "Red is dead" exposure. It must be known that his movie is a small budget horror movie, unrated and with no-name actors. However, one day, luck is on her side. A murderer commits his crime in the same way as in "Red is dead". What a break : murders, identical as those in her movie, and taking place at the Cannes Festival ! As "exposure" who could want better. Odile rushes her lead actor Simon Jeremi - a thirty-year-old kid, a bit simple - straight to the Cannes Film Festival. She hires a bodyguard, Serge Karamazov, to protect him and it also looks cool. Serge is more interested in looking after the girls rather than his client. Among all the festival madness, Odile, Simon and Kara have their hands full. A killer on the loose, a corupt politician, a police superintendent who can't handle the press and our players must make their way up the steps of the Palais. Even on their way up the red carpet they encounter more trouble...

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  • director of photography
    Laurent Dailland
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    Philippe Chany

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