Small Change

L'Argent de poche
by François Truffaut19751h45FictionComedy
with Bruno Staab, Philippe Goldman, Nicole Felix, Devlaeminck Laurent, Geory Desmouceaux
4 formatsFrench3 subtitles languages
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In Thiers, in the Puy de Dôme, a handful of children live the last weeks of the school year waiting impatiently for the holidays: Bruno, Patrick, Laurent, Mathieu or Franck, without forgetting Martine... They all live at their own pace and give a soul to this village where the two teachers, Melle Petit and M. Richet, try as best they can to capture their attention as the summer camp approaches.

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  • nationality
  • running time
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  • screenplay
    Suzanne Schiffman
  • director of photography
    Pierre-William Glenn
  • distributor
  • producers
    Les films du carrosse
  • song writers
    Maurice Jaubert

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