La Commission de la vérité

by André Van In19992h20Documentary
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Before 1994, South Africa had never experienced democracy, so it had to invent its own model. This is the task of the new government and of all South Africans. To achieve this goal, the country's communities, deeply wounded and divided by apartheid, must first be reconciled. One of Nelson Mandela's first decisions was to set up the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, since reconciliation could not take place without the past having been judged and exorcised. This is the story of this Commission, composed of 17 members under the leadership of Monsignor Desmond Tutu, with its twists and turns and the dramas that the film recounts. For a little over a year, victims, executioners and witnesses of Apartheid are invited to tell the truth about the past, with all the ethical, political and philosophical questions that this incredible process implies.

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    La Sept ARTE, Archipel 33

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