Petite Nature
by Samuel Theis20211h33FictionDrama, Comedy
with Antoine Reinartz, Melissa Olexa, Aliocha Reinert
2 formatsFrench14 subtitles languages

Ten year-old Johnny stands out from his family and his tough neighborhood in Eastern France. He's sensitive, intelligent and interested in all kinds of things way beyond his years. With curiosity, he observes the ups and downs of his young single mother's turbulent love life. Things change when a new teacher, fresh from the big city, takes over Johnny's class. Mr. Adamski believes in Johnny and wants to open a new world to him. The sophisticated young teacher also intrigues the boy.

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  • running time
  • rights end
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  • colour
  • director of photography
    Jacques Girault
  • countries excluded
    Andorre, Brésil, Espagne, France, Monaco
  • distributor
  • editing
    Fanny Martin, Jeanne Delplancq

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