Junkyard Dogs

Chien de la casse
by Jean-Baptiste Durand20221h33FictionComedy-drama
with Anthony Bajon, Raphaël Quenard, Galatéa Bellugi, Dominique Reymond, Bernard Blancan
4 formatsFrench13 subtitles languages
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Childhood pals Dog and Mirales live in a little village in the south of France and spend their days just hanging out. To kill time, Mirales has got into the habit of teasing Dog mercilessly. But this summer is different: Dog meets Elsa and romance blossoms. While jealousy eats away at Mirales, the distance that opens up between the two friends will allow each to grow and define himself.

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  • producers
    Anaïs Bertrand, Insolence productions
  • director assistants
    Pauline Barjol
  • composers
    Delphine Malausséna, Hugo Rossi
  • set decoration
    Benjamin Martinez

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