The Story of Adele H

L'Histoire d'Adèle H
by François Truffaut19751h35FictionDrama, Historical film
with Robinson Bruce, Marriott Sylvia, Isabelle Adjani
4 formatsFrench4 subtitles languages

Miss Lewly boarded in Halifax in 1863. There she looked for Lieutenant Pinson, with whom she was madly in love but who did not love her. He may tell her, but she continues to pursue him even though she knows he has a mistress. Miss Lewly is actually Adèle Hugo, the poet's second daughter. She tries at all costs to marry him, making Pinson's marriage to another woman fail. Adele's mother dies, and Pinson goes to the Bearded One, she follows him. Gathered by Mrs. Baa, who warns the Hugo family, she will be sent back to France and interned.

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  • music composed by
    Maurice Jaubert
  • countries excluded
    Andorre, France, Monaco
  • distributor
  • producers
    Les films du carrosse
  • composers
    Maurice Jaubert

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