Confidentially Yours

Vivement dimanche
by François Truffaut19821h51Fiction
with Jean-Louis Trintignant, Philippe Laudenbach, Fanny Ardant
3 formatsFrench5 subtitles languages

Julien Vercel, director of a real estate agency, is suspected of a double murder: that of his wife, Marie-Christine, and her lover, Claude Massoulier. Circumstances being against him, Julien Vercel takes to the open sea in order to evade the police. His secretary, Barbara Becker, will lead the investigation and try to discover the truth. Her "objectivity" forbids her to exclude Julien from the list of culprits. In the course of her investigation, Barbara meets an upset movie cashier, a subornation client who wants to rent "a castle in the mountains with his feet in the water", a zealous lawyer, an overly curious photographer who is also her ex-husband, a Slavic swinger, a blonde typist who could be a rival, and above all a pugnacious police superintendent. During all this time, the corpses continue to fall...

  • year
  • running time
  • rights end
  • filming format
    35 mm
  • colour
    Black and white
  • distributor
  • producers
    Les films du carrosse

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Intrigant. Drôle. Saisissant. Du Truffaut.

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