Les Survivants

by Patrick Rotman20051h44Historical film
DVDFrench4 subtitles languages

Survivors tells the story of the last year of the war, perhaps the most terrible: the extermination in Birkenau of Hungarian Jews and gypsies, the Nazi evacuation of the camps in Poland, the death marches, the overcrowded camps, ravaged by disease, the apocalyptic chaos of the last weeks of April 1945, the arrival of the first Allied soldiers, the joyless liberation that is not yet freedom, the return, the welcome at the Hotel Lutetia, the rediscovery of the world of the living, the reunion with the family if they survived. These words say the unspeakable, the extreme suffering: the friend shot down, the mother who dies, the merciless struggle for survival, the savage liquidation of the kapos, the friend who lets himself die, the joy and pain mixed with the reunion. They tell the story of the returnees from the spring of 1945, the difficulty of speaking on the way back and, even more so, the refusal of others to hear. There were only a few thousand survivors, and their voices melted into the long lament of post-war misfortunes. Sixty years later, in the winter of their lives, they speak...

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