Vivre à Tazmamart

by Davy Zylberfajn20051h13Documentary
DVDFrench2 subtitles languages

For eighteen years, fifty-eight men disappeared. From August 1973 to September 1991, they each lived locked up in a cell without light, without visits and without care in Tazmamart. Eighteen years in horrible and inhuman conditions. Their families no longer knew whether they were dead or alive. In the dark secret of absolute power, these men - the elite of the Moroccan army and relatives of the Royal Palace - had been sentenced to a slow death. More than half of them left life in long suffering and were buried in the courtyard of Tazmamart. Under international pressure, King Hassan II released the twenty-eight detainees still alive in September 1991. Ahmed Marzouki, Salah Hachad, Lahcen Oussead, Aziz Binebine and Abdelatif Belkebir testify to their resistance to survive in Tazmamart.

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