In the Name of the Land

Au nom de la terre
by Edouard Bergeon20181h43FictionDrama
with Guillaume Canet, Veerle Baetens, Anthony Bajon, Rufus
2 formatsFrench9 subtitles languages

Thomas was barely an adolescent when his father, Pierre, killed himself. Now, events brutally return him to the tragedy that marked his youth. The time has come for this farmer’s son to confront his past, and face the legacy of the land. Inspired by true events and his own family history, director Bergeon brings us a powerful story of resilience set in dramatic and beautiful countryside.

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    Nord-ouest films

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A realistic and tense drama

An excellent film that our group appreciated. Suicide in rural communities is a touchy topic but this film deals with it in an interesting way as the director uses his family as the basis of the film. It is a film to open discussions on the struggles in any rural community and is a slice of life film but be warned gets sadder as you go on. In France they had counsellors financial advisors etc at some of the screenings to support farmers and rural worker.

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