Monsieur Klein

by Joseph Losey19752h02FictionDrama, Classics
with Jeanne Moreau, Alain Delon, Francine Bergé, Suzanne Flon, Juliet Berto, Michael Lonsdale
3 formatsFrench7 subtitles languages

Paris, 1942. Robert Klein is a successful art dealer, profiteering from the French government’s treatment of its Jewish citizens. To escape deportation to Germany, Jews are forced to sell their treasures to unscrupulous people like Klein. Then, one day, Klein receives a Jewish pamphlet addressed to him. He decides to look into this and discovers that there is another Mr Klein who has set out to confuse their identities to cover his own anti-Nazi activities. Klein is determined to discover what his namesake is up to, to the point of assuming his identity. In doing so, he risks being arrested in place of the Jew he is pursuing…

  • year
  • nationality
  • running time
  • rights end
  • filming format
    35 mm
  • colour
  • screenplay
    Franco Solinas
  • director of photography
    Gerry Fisher
  • distributor

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