La Trahison

by Philippe Faucon20051h20Drama
with Cyril Troley, Vincent Martinez, Ahmed Berrhama, Walid Bouzham, Medhi Yacef, Mehdi Idriss, Patrick Descamps, Luc Thuillier
35 mm2 subtitles languages

During the Algerian war, Second Lieutenant Roque is stationed in a village in eastern Algeria. Worn out by the conflict, he assumes his function as best he can, between a local population subjected to repression and torture, and soldiers whose morale he must maintain while keeping his vigilance. The evolution of his relationship with Taïeb, a young soldier of North African origin, exacerbates the contradictions and the absurdity of the nameless war.

  • year
  • nationality
  • running time
  • rights end
  • colour
  • executive producers
    Yacine Laloui
  • co-producers
    Pyramide distribution
  • original work authors
    Claude Sales
  • editing
    Sophie Mandonnet
  • set decoration
    Ramdane Kacer

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  • 10media
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