La Folie des grandeurs

by Gérard Oury19711h55FictionComedy
with Yves Montand, Louis De Funes, Alice Sapritch
35 mmFrenchEnglish

On a summer afternoon, Don Salluste, Almighty Minister of his Majesty the King of Spain, gallops along a powdery road in Andalusia. Salluste is preceded by his black horsemen, renowned for their cruelty and their loyalty to a Master whose wealth is matched only by his avarice. Salluste counts with pleasure the proceeds of his robberies of which the poor peasants have just been the victims. Behind him, shaken by the bumps of the road, his valet Blaze, a big, good-natured and clever fellow, is indignant at his Master's rapacity. Soon, the Queen will obtain from the King the dismissal and exile of the unpopular Minister. Stripped, dismissed, deposed, Salluste devises a diabolical scheme to take revenge on the Queen.

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  • filming format
    35 mm
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