Je veux tout de la vie

La liberté selon Simone de Beauvoir
by Pierre Seguin20081h00
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"I want everything in life, to be a woman and also a man, to have many friends, and also loneliness, to work a lot, to write good books, and also to travel, to have fun, to be selfish and also generous. You see, it's not easy to have everything I want. But when I don't succeed, it makes me mad with anger" Simone de Beauvoir, Letter to Nelson Algren July 3, 1947 With Le Deuxième sexe (1949), the seminal book of Western thinking on the status of women, Simone de Beauvoir gained immense international prestige from the 1960s onwards, particularly in the United States. This film seeks to show the historical, political and civic importance of this book, through what the evolution of women's rights and the political current events of feminism owe to Simone de Beauvoir.

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