Elena et les hommes

by Jean Renoir19561h39FictionMusical comedy, Classics
with Jean Marais, Ferrer Mel, Ingrid Bergman, Pierre Richard
16 mmFrenchEnglish

"Elena is Venus": this is how Jean Renoir summed up the character whose love story the film follows in the Paris of the early Belle Époque. Elena Sorokovska is a Polish princess in exile, the widow of a Polish prince. She is a pretty, somewhat extravagant woman living in Paris in the late 1880s. She is convinced that she is made to help famous men fulfil their destiny: her talisman is a daisy. She leads the composer Lionel to the top, falls in love with a dashing general, directly inspired by Boulanger, and indirectly participates in the attempted coup d'état led by the hesitant military man. She ends her journey by becoming the wife of an attractive aristocrat who has been in love with her since their first meeting...

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    35 mm
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