La Solitude du chanteur de fond

by Chris Marker19741h00DocumentaryBiopic, Classics
16 mmFrench0 subtitles languages

Chris Marker filmed the American-style preparation of a one-man show given by Yves Montant in February 1974 at the Olympia, for the benefit of Chilean refugees in France, following Pinochet's coup d'état on September 11th 1973. Montant has not been back on stage since 1968 and has only twelve days to prepare. He then moved to his house in Auteuil with his pianist and 30-year-old sidekick Bob Castella. Chris Marker followed the rehearsal of the songs, but also, and above all, the meticulous care Yves Montand took in preparing a show in which he controlled everything, from the speed of his pianist's chords to the lighting of the stage. Yves Montand also tells us about his political convictions, Chile and his life, all against a backdrop of archive images and extracts from his former one-man shows.

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  • filming format
    35 mm
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  • distributor
    ALLEGRET Catherine
  • producers
    Seuil audiovisuel

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