by Patrice Chereau20091h40FictionDrama
with Charlotte Gainsbourg, Romain Duris, Jean-Hugues Anglade
2 formatsFrench2 subtitles languages

Daniel, 35 years old, is being pursued by a stranger who regularly breaks into his home and spies on him. How did this boy come into Daniel's life? Daniel himself doesn't remember. One day the stranger stands in front of him, looks at him and says: You are the man of my life. Daniel chases him away. He lives alone, but he goes two or three times a week to Sonia's, whom he persecutes and idealizes at the same time. He does not pass anything to her and lives in a total emotional dependence towards her. She gives him everything she can but she works a lot and has little time for herself. She wants to love Daniel and live an autonomous life, a peaceful love, but he keeps asking her for more...

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  • filming format
    35 mm
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