Claude Monet, The Water Lily obsession

Claude Monet, L’obsession des Nymphéas
by Nicolas Thépot20188minExperimental film
Virtual realityFrench, English0 subtitles languages

In 1883 the painter Claude Monet first rented a house in the French town of Giverny. After purchasing the property and adjoining land, the artist transformed an existing small pond into a water garden with water lilies and a Japanese-style bridge from which he could observe the water and the flowers. From 1899 to 1926, Monet painted more than 250 scenes devoted to the water lily theme, which became what he himself called “an obsession.” The Waterlilies series is a unique artistic adventure, that saw, for the first time, the creation, by the artist himself, of his own subject: Monet built the garden, bringing some rare species and essences. He has spent more than 30 years of his life trying to paint the reflection of the light on the pond, and has finally designed the location of their exhibition.

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