The Soft Skin

La Peau douce
by François Truffaut19641h40FictionDrama
with Jean Desailly, Daniel Ceccaldi
2 formatsFrench2 subtitles languages

Pierre Lachenay, director of the magazine Ratures, will give a conference in Lisbon. He is married and has a daughter. During his trip, he falls in love with Nicole, a stewardess who quickly becomes his mistress. Relations with his wife Franca are strained. Once again, he has to go on a trip. He is called to Reims by his friend Clément to present a film. He takes Nicole to Reims where everything cannot take place according to his wishes. His strange attitude surprises Clément. Pierre and Nicole are forced to rush back to Paris. There, Franca is more and more jealous. Pierre doesn't want to confess his adulterous relationship to her. He wants to marry Nicole, who refuses.

  • year
  • running time
  • rights end
  • filming format
    35 mm
  • colour
    Black and white
  • distributor
  • producers
    Les films du carrosse

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