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Phèdre (Dominique Blanc) is this woman burned before our eyes by a forbidden love, a confession that cannot be confessed and that will lead her to suicide, that of her passion for the chaste Hippolyte, her beautiful son. Under Chéreau's gaze, the tragedy of desire and death written by Racine refocuses on the question how to say what cannot be said? and on the portrait of this beautiful, lost woman, a living scandal that breaks all taboos, challenges all conventions and goes so far as to deny her divine ancestry (she is the daughter of Minos and Pasiphae and the little girl of the Sun) for something she knows is impossible to attain. What Patrice Chéreau and Dominique Blanc give us to see in Phèdre is the abyss, the limitless and bottomless enigma of feminine desire, beyond all reason and all morality.

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    Patrice Chereau, Dominique Blanc
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    Theatre national de l'odeon, Ruhrtriennale, Love streams, Ina, Azor films

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