Cocteau et compagnie

by Jean-Paul Fargier200352minDocumentaryBiopic
DVDFrench2 subtitles languages

Cocteau draws in front of the camera and you can see the line evolve, surely and definitively, in the manner of a jazz musician," he explains, "or like writing in action. This unfolding line constitutes the central figure of the film which, around animated images of Cocteau's drawings and interviews with him, draws an original and erudite portrait of the artist. The director has chosen to do this portrait in the light of Cocteau's friends and loves, an essential preoccupation in his life and for his work. Current events images and, above all, a large number of archives allow us to revisit the artistic and Parisian life of the time: we see Mistinguett, Sacha Guitry, Picasso, Stravinsky, Satie, Radiguet, Coco Chanel and Max Jacob. Between his life and his work, his friends and his loves, drawing and writing, the film traces a skillful and continuous journey to show the constant interactions and the essence of a teeming and eclectic research.

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    Jean Cocteau
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    Tv5 monde, Ina, France 5, Cinétévé

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