Le Pays des sourds

by Nicolas Philibert19911h39Documentary
with Jean-Claude Poulain, Babette Deboissy, Odile Ghermani, Denis Azra
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Anyone who has ever ventured to the "Land of the Deafs" will have been struck by the strangeness of the choreographed signs with which deaf people express themselves. Developed ages ago, these signs constitute a veritable language. As precise and subtle as speech, they are as effective as spoken language in making a declaration love or providing a detailed technical description. Jean-Claude, Jeanine, Eric, Cyril, Alain, Juliette, Guy, Aurélien and René have one thing in common - they are all profoundly deaf. So they dream, think and communicate in sign language. Which means that they see the world differently. Viewers embark with them on a discovery of the distant land of the deaf, where sight and touch assume enormous importance. This film is a narrative documentary, recounting a story based on these characters whose lives intersect. The story is their story, and viewers see the world through their eyes...

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  • running time
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  • filming format
    35 mm
  • colour
  • director of photography
    Frédéric Labourasse
  • distributor
  • editing
    Guy Lecorne

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