Wendemi, l'enfant du bon dieu

Version restaurée
by Pierre Yameogo19921h38FictionComedy-drama
with Gustave Sorgho, Sotigui Kouyaté, Joseph Traore
6 formats5 subtitles languages

Offspring of an African priest and a mother who cannot reveal the truth of his paternity, Wendemi is abandonned by his mother, who then runs away. As an adult, Wendemi's lack of "identity" causes him to be rejected by a society that refuses to "recognize" him. So Wendemi sets out in search of a name and a family. He at last comes to the capital, Ouagadougou, where he thinks he'll find his mother at last. Instead he runs into the "Herder", a childhood friend who has become the "man's son", a sort of pimp who finds under-aged girls for wealthy clients...

  • year
  • nationality
    Burkina Faso
  • running time
  • rights end
  • director's country
    Burkina Faso
  • filming format
    35 mm
  • colour
  • producers
    Laafi productions

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Cine Geração #159

It is with a great enthusiasm that we share the summary of session #159 of Cine Geração, in collaboration with Alliance Française de Luanda, which took place on March 28th of this year. Despite the weather conditions, due to the rain, a total of 5 spectators attended. During the session, the film "Wendemi, the Son of the Good God", directed by Pierre Yameogo (1993), was shown and broadcast via the IF Cinema platform. The film was very well received and after the session we had a small discussion about the story and how it is still relevant today. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Cordially, ____________________________ Mirian Vanda (Curator of Cine Geração)

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