Willy Ronis, autoportrait d'un photographe

by Michel Toutain200355minDocumentaryBiopic
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At the age of 90, Willy Ronis is divided between Paris, which was his favourite city for more than 70 years, and Provence where he now lives. Rhythmed by the artist's self-portraits taken every year since the age of 16, the film shows us Ronis talking about himself, his art and his career. He analyzes some of his most famous photos and gives us their stories: what happens before pressing the shutter release, the organization of the frame, the event that gives meaning to the image. From the historical photo to the moment of intimacy, Ronis has multiplied pictures that have become famous. We find there figures of children crossing the old Ménilmontant, those glances in diving which arrange the space around a so particular perspective, or the snapshots taken in the South of France invaded by light. That all these images now belong to a bygone past - his wife and son have since disappeared - makes them even more touching. Yet the photographer is not finished with his art and takes us to Paris to take, still, a few shots.

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