by Salah Issaad20211h32FictionDrama
with Soula Bahri, Idir Benaibouche, Franck Yvrai, Ali Bentayeb, Hamza Temaini, Djillali Boudjema, Amina Belabed, Salah Issaad, El Hadi Guechtouli, Rachid Belaguili, Abdenacer Arab, Zahra Harkat
2 formatsArab4 subtitles languages

Soula, a young single mother rejected by her family in the name of honor, trying to survive, finds herself caught up in a spiral of violence. Willing to do anything for her baby daughter, along the roads of Algeria and through unfortunate encounters in a stunning journey, she heads towards her inevitable destiny.

  • year
  • nationality
    Algeria, France
  • running time
  • rights end
  • director's country
  • producers
    Salah Issaad, Taqiyeddine Issaad, Abdelghafour Issaad
  • director assistants
    Elliot El Baz
  • song writers
    Nicolas Montaigne
  • editing
    Salah Issaad, Nazzareno Neri
  • costume
    Carole Beauruel

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  • 4media
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