Buren et le Guggenheim

by Stan Neumann200555min
DVDFrench2 subtitles languages

In 2005 the Guggenheim in New York devoted an exceptional exhibition to Daniel Buren, one of today's most outstanding artists, the creator of the Columns at the Palais Royal in Paris and of numerous installations in Europe, America and Asia. By giving Buren carte blanche to reinterpret the museum building as he sees fit, the latest masterpiece by architect Franck Lloyd Wright, Buren and the Guggenheim have come to the end of a story that began thirty-four years earlier. The preparations for the exhibition serve as a backdrop for this film: we see him taking over the museum's spaces, transforming them through his interventions, sometimes so heavy that they have to be carried out by construction workers, sometimes so light that a passing cloud is enough to make them disappear. And we listen to him think aloud, to share with us his very particular way of looking at spaces and forms, his desires and pleasures.

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    Tv5, Rtbf, Les poissons volants, Domino production

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