M - Yolande Zauberman

by Yolande Zaubermanwith Menahem Lang
DCP, DownloadHebrew, FrenchEnglish, French, Spanish, Hebrew, Polish, Portuguese

Suburbs of Tel Aviv. Bnei Brak, world capital of the Haredim, the ultra- Orthodox Jews. When he was a kid, Menahem Lang was known for his kindness, his commitment to Talmud school and especially his golden voice, which made him a renowned performer of liturgical chants. But he was hiding a secret: for years, he was raped by members of the community that worshipped him. After 10 years, Menahem returns to the scene of the crime. It is also a return to the places he loved, a path of initiation sprinkled with incredible encounters, recovered rituals... a reconciliation.

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    Andorre, Bahamas, Belgique, Canada, Espagne, France, Monaco, Puerto Rico, USA
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    Indie Sales Company
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    Cg cinemas, Phobics

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