Portraits XL d'Alain Cavalier - 2017

Jacquotte et DanielPortraits XL d'Alain Cavalier
by Alain Cavalier20171h40DocumentaryBiopic
Blu-rayFrench3 subtitles languages
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Jacquotte : Once a year, in July, on the way to vacation, Jacquotte relives her childhood for a few hours in her beloved parents' home, which has remained intact. They died long ago, but nothing has been touched in the house. One day, it may be necessary to sell it. Daniel : Before leaving his apartment, Daniel checks ten times that he's closed the windows and turned off the taps properly. Obsessed by cleanliness, washing his hands is a whole ritual. He goes down to the café to try his luck with scratch cards. In the past, he was a very talented filmmaker, before giving it up. Why does he never want to talk about it? He jokes and moves on to another subject.

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