Black Panthers

by Agnès Varda196828minDocumentaryClassics
16 mmFrench0 subtitles languages

Documentary filmed in Oakland (California) during the demonstrations surrounding the trial of Huey Newton, leader of the Black activists ... At the time when the Black Panthers had a program and projects, with training of the troops, meetings, dances and declarations, at the time when the Black Panthers worried the USA. "1968. In France, since May, demands and hopes have been expressed violently. In the United States, the Black community is active around the trial of a Black Panther leader. This movement wants to act and establish theories and practices: Mind and Body Theory. Pascal Thomas gets an interview filmed in Huey Newton prison. I come as soon as there is a demonstration, a meeting or a march. I say "French Television", I smile and I move freely among blacks, I film with a 16 mm camera lent by activists from the University of Berkeley. Leaders make their speeches; women also express their desire to act, to make decisions and their pride in being black. I think this short film is a testament to a very short, precise moment in the tormented history of black Americans."(Agnes Varda)

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  • filming format
    16 mm
  • colour
    Black and white
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