In the Courtyard

Dans la cour
by Pierre Salvadori20131h38Drama
with Catherine Deneuve, Gustave Kervern, Feodor Atkine, Michèle Moretti, Pio Marmaï, Nicolas Bouchaud, Oleg Kupchik, Garance Clavel, Bruno Netter
3 formatsFrench3 subtitles languages

Antoine is a musician. Now into his forties, he abruptly decides to give up his career. After several days of doing nothing, he gets a job as a concierge. Mathilde lives in the old building in the east of Paris where Antoine finds work. This dynamic and generous retiree spends her time involved in charity work and overseeing the building's management. One evening, she discovers a worrying crack in the wall of her lounge. Little by little her anxiety increases and turns into panic. She begins to wonder whether the building is going to collapse. Antoine slowly becomes friends with this woman who he fears will sink into madness. Between slip ups and worries, the pair form an awkward duo, both supportive and a little peculiar, which will perhaps help them get through this bad patch.

  • year
  • nationality
  • running time
  • rights end
  • colour
  • producers
    Les films pelléas, France 2 cinéma, Delta cinéma, Tovo films, Philippe Martin
  • distributor
    Wild bunch
  • editing
    Isabelle Devinck
  • set decoration
    Michel Barthélémy
  • costume
    Virginie Montel

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