Vive le tour

by Louis Malle196618minDocumentary
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In 1966, Louis Malle followed the Tour de France caravan. He directed this documentary that describes the atmosphere of the race, the relationship between the crowd and the bunch of riders, the functioning of the feed, but also the situation of the cyclist who falls, abandons, suffers, climbs, dopes, dreams of being on the podium, until the triumph at the finish. "The Tour de France is part of my childhood... It has always fascinated me... It's probably the hardest sport there is. It's probably the hardest sport there is. So I filmed this: the accidents, the falls, the incredible effort when the riders climb the passes, and how it shows on their faces. And also the circus atmosphere that surrounds the Tour de France. "(Louis Malle)

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    35 mm
  • colour
  • distributor
    NEF Nouvelles Editions du Film
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    Nef nouvelles editions du film

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