Le Cas Pinochet

by Patricio Guzmán20001h54
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In 1998, General Pinochet went to London for a pleasure trip. He stayed there for more than 500 days, arrested at the request of Spanish judge Balthazar Garzon, and placed under house arrest. Patricio Guzman was in Paris at the time and the project of a documentary film about this unique fact in history was quickly born: a dictator is worried about international justice 25 years after his seizure of power. Patricio Guzman directs a film in which a lot of digging is done: the dry land of Chile first of all, to try to find traces of the disappeared that the regime continues to deny. We also dig into the memories of those who survived the unspeakable tortures in Chilean jails. We dig to try to understand the deep reasons that may have led to this event.

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