by Nicolas Vanier20191h40Adventure, Young audience
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Cécile, 10 years old, moves to the south of France with her mother, Louise. Integrating with the other children in the village is not easy. When a circus moves in next door, Cécile discovers that Poly, the star pony, is being mistreated. She decides to protect him and to organize his escape! Pursued by Brancalou, the worrying director of the circus, and the mysterious Victor, Cecile and Poly embark on a journey full of twists and turns, a voyage of initiation and a beautiful story of friendship...

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    Bonne pioche cinema, Snd groupe m6

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Captivating Movie

The P7 children were absolutely engrossed in the film. We had the English subtitles on but they were still able to translate several French words into English. If the film is aimed at P4-P7 then I think 'swear words' should be removed or bleeped out!!!

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