The Prince's Voyage

Le Voyage du prince
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An old monkey Prince runs aground on an unknown shore. Injured and lost, he is found by 12 year-old Tom, and taken in by his parents, a couple of scientists who were banished from their community because they believe in the existence of other monkey civilisations. With Tom's help, the Prince discovers a society he knows nothing about, while Tom’s parents decide to use him to prove that their theory was indeed correct...

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    Blue spirit productions

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Une fable historique et philosophique

Ce film à une portée philosophique indéniable. A travers la légèreté d'une conte pour enfant il reflète notre rapport à la modernité, à l'autre ou encore le rôle de la science dans l'idéologie racialiste du 19ème siècle. On regrettera tout de même la fuite en avant proposée comme ultime solution à ces question...

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