by Karim Dridi20081h48FictionDrama
with Marc Cortes, Adam Raymond, Simon Abkarian
2 formats2 subtitles languages

Placed in a foster home for protection, eleven-year-old Marco runs away to find the gypsy camp where he was born. Nothing seems to have changed since his departure, the dives in the shipyard of Estaque, the nightly card games and the cockfights... With his cousin, the dwarf Tony, Marco dreams of making a fortune with cockfights. In the meantime, he does the four hundred tricks with Coyote, his childhood friend. With him, he meets Rachitique, a young Arab from a neighboring city. Very quickly, the unconscious trio goes from scooter theft to house robbery. Even though he kisses Fatma's little hand that he always wears around his neck, the protection and happiness that she is supposed to bring him are not there. Marco only wants one thing: to find his place in a world that does not need him.

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  • nationality
  • running time
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  • director's country
  • filming format
    35 mm
  • colour
  • distributor
  • producers
    Mirak films

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