En quête de Romain Gary

Un siècle d'écrivains
by Olivier Mille199752min
DVDFrench2 subtitles languages

Romain Gary was a multifaceted character, known as a novelist, diplomat, resistant, but not ceasing to shun any denomination. The authors of the film preferred to opt for the quest rather than the investigation, guided by the conviction that there is no truth that can be stated about his life and work, his history perpetually distorted and rewritten. The testimonies of Robert Gallimard, his publisher and accomplice, friends and writers of his entourage, are confronted with the words of the writer himself, borrowed from the many interviews he liked to give, not without malice. Thus this quest follows the interminable journey that is the life of Romain Gary with, as a unifying element of the journey, the central question of identity, consubstantial to this figure of man who never ceased to superimpose faces and names.

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    Ina, France 3, Centre national du livre, Artline films

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