Cause toujours

by Jeanne Labrune20041h27FictionComedy
with Sylvie Testud, Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Victoria Abril
35 mmEnglish

One day, Jacinta discovers that her kitchen is overrun with food moths. This situation disgusts her, and she will try at all costs to get rid of the insects. Even though Bruno, her husband, is opposed to the extermination. At the same time, Léa, one of their friends, meets a mute man who fascinates her. He works as a storekeeper in a local convenience store. Léa follows him, preferring to lie to Jacinthe and Judith, her friends with whom she was supposed to go to the country for the weekend. In turn, Jacinta, Judith, Bruno and Laurent, her best friend, are intrigued by Emmanuel, the mute. They investigate, and what they discover frightens them...

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