Les Deux vies d'Éva

by Esther Hoffenberg20041h30Biopic
DVDFrench3 subtitles languages

This film traces the special destiny of a German-Polish couple, refugees in France from 1945 onwards, whose history was deeply marked by the Second World War. She is German, brought up in a rich family in Poland. He is Jewish, a survivor of the Warsaw ghetto. They meet after the war in Göttingen, both of them on the run: she, in front of the Soviet troops, he, in front of the trauma of the camps. They settle in France with this desire: to get out of it, to build a family, to repair... until history catches up with them. The filmmaker has tried to reconstruct her mother's hidden history in order to rediscover Eva's other life, to understand its complexity and the changes in identities linked to history, war and exile. She gives us a portrait of a woman who is moving and universal in scope.

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    Les films du poisson, Lapsus production, La sept-arte

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