Wild Side

by Sébastien Lifshitz20041h47FictionDrama
with Stéphanie Michelini, Yasmine Belmadi
35 mmFrench0 subtitles languages

Stéphanie, a young transsexual, is a prostitute in the Bois de Boulogne. She lives a love story with Djamel, a gigolo, and Mikhail, a Russian who doesn't speak a word of French. One day, she receives a phone call. Her mother, whom she has not seen for many years, is seriously ill. Accompanied by Mikhail, Stéphanie sets off for the small village in the north where she grew up. There, she has to face her painful past, the absence of her father and her sister, who left one day without leaving any address... Djamel soon joins them. Together, they try to cope with their chaotic life.

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