Tanger, le rêve des brûleurs

by Leïla Kilani200253minDocumentary
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Tangier, a gateway city in the Strait of Gibraltar, has an open identity. The border, in Tangier, is a presence, we see it, it appears by bounce, we feel it everywhere: it is water. Opposite, there is a continuous line: Spain, the last natural advance of Europe. In May 1991, the Schengen countries decided to subject Maghreb nationals to the visa regime. Since then, Moroccans, Malians, Senegalese, Mauritanians and other Africans have been flocking to Tangiers in large numbers and without interruption. In Moroccan dialect they are called herraguas, burners, and the burner is the one who is ready to accept everything to leave, the one who is ready to burn his papers, his identity, to make this departure an irreversible undertaking. Beyond the description of a mass movement, this film follows the adventure of a few burners.

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    Vivement lundi, Ina, France 3

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