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En sortant de l'école - Jean Tardieu (série)

En sortant de l'école - Jean Tardieuby Divers Réalisateurs

A collection of 13 animated films that set Jean Tardieu's poetry in motion. Conjugations and Interrogations – Rosalie Benevello Prefixes -Alix Boiron-Albrespy A Journey with Mr. Mr. – Céline Brengou Children’s Choir – Matthieu Gérard-Tulane Night Song – Jeanne Girard Housing – Judith Herbeth Report – Nan Huang Nature – Isis Leterrier Petrified Days – Eva Lusbaronian Two Passive Verbs – Mathilde Roy The Wallpaper Flowers – Marine Varguy 19 Rue de Nevers – Iulia Voitova What Comes and Goes – Lingxi Zhang & Jihua Zhu - To order the films, go to the sheet for each film.

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