Chereau/Gregory une autre solitude

by Stéphane Metge19961h16
DVDFrench4 subtitles languages

In January 1995, for the first time, Patrice Chéreau agreed to be filmed during the rehearsals: filming the work in progress to discover what hesitations, troubles, impossibilities one can go through to arrive at the result that the spectators see. During the rehearsals with Pascal Greggory on a text by Bernard-Marie Koltès " Dans la solitude des champs de coton ", we witness the metamorphosis of the actor under the encouragement and exhortations of the director. The director offers us one of the rare filmed traces of Chéreau's creativity, following him also to Salzburg, where he takes up "Don Giovanni" again.

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    La Sept ARTE
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    Vega film zurich, La sept-arte, Caeo, Azor films

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