Waiting for Hapiness

En attendant le bonheurHeremakono
by Abderrahmane Sissako20021h35FictionDrama
with Ould Abdel Kader Khatra, Mohamed Ould Mohamed Mahmoud, Maata Abeid, Fatimatou Mint Ahmedou
3 formatsHassanya, French5 subtitles languages

Nouadhibou is a small town attached to a peninsula on the Mauritanian coast. Abdallah joins his mother there while waiting for his departure for Europe. The young man doesn’t understand the language of this place of exile and fragile hopes and tries to decipher the world that surrounds him. There is Nana, a sensual young woman who wants to seduce him; Makan, who like him, dreams of Europe; Maata, once a fisherman and now an electrician, and his apprentice, Kahtra. He’s the one who teaches Abdallah the local language so that he can break out of the silence within which he is trapped. These people continually cross paths, their gazes fixed on distant horizons while waiting for a hypothetical happiness.

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    35 mm
  • colour
  • producers
    Duo films, Arizona films, Artefilm, Chinguitty films (ex duo films)

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