Above Water

Marcher sur l'eau
by Aïssa Maïga20221h30
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In northern Niger, the village of Tatiste, a victim of global warming, is fighting for access to water. Every day, fourteen-year-old Houlaye, like other young people, walks for miles to fetch water, which is essential to the life of the village. This daily task prevents them, among other things, from attending school. The lack of water also forces adults to leave their families each year to go beyond the borders to find the resources necessary for their survival. However, this region has an aquifer lake of several thousand square kilometers in its basement. All it would take is one borehole to bring the coveted water to the center of the village and give everyone a better life.

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    France, Belgium
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    Andorre, Belgique, France, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, USA
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    Bonne pioche cinema
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    Orange studio

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